Admin & Human resource (HR)

At the Administration & Human Resource (HR)department in AIT we try to provide an environment conducive to professional and intellectual growth of each and every employee and staff members. It is our aim to motivate and train the work force in such a manner that the overall productivity and efficiency of the organization can be optimized. As the backbone of any organization, our department plays the pivotal role of bridging the gap between the actual and desired performance and on the other hand is engaged in attracting, recruiting, selecting and inducting new employee as well as providing career transition and development counseling to the experienced employees of the organization.

Students Registration with SBTE

A.Once admitted in AIT all students are required to obtain Migration Certificate from Respective Boards and attach it with the registration Form to be submitted to SBTE within the time frame Specified by SBTE. Students who fail to get registered from SBTE will not be allowed to submit Examination Form and consequently will lose Studentship of AIT. (b) Examination Forms and SBTE Fees will be strictly according to the directives issued by the Controller of Examination SBTE. The salient points are as under:

I. Only a student possessing Valid Admit Cards will be allowed to appear in the SBTE examination.

II. No Examination Fonn in any case will be accepted after the date notified by SBTE.

III. Three photographs will be pasted on the Examination Form.

IV. No Registration & Examination Form shall be accepted by SBTE directly from the student. Registration and Examination Forms will be dispatched to SBTE by the Institute.

V. No Examination Form will be accepted without registration slip issued by the Board.

VI. A student who does not appear in the Board/Institute examination for two academic years consecutively shall not be eligible to reappear in the subsequent examination and shall be removed from the roll of the Institute.

VII. Minimum pass marks in theory are 40% and in practical /viva voce 50 %. All practical subjects carry sessional marks which are awarded on the basis of punctuality and attendance , Lab work, Journal and mid term tests.

C. No change of technology or shift will be admissible at any stage after admission.

D. Examination Form will be issued strictly after payment of full fee and outstanding dues.

E. No request for relaxation in fee or installment will be entertained.