DAE Library

AIT Library was established in 1989. In the beginning most of books were received from the profound members of AMOUBA & various prestigious educationists from all over the country. With the passage of time number of books is increasing and now we have 02 Libraries. Details of AIT Library are as follows.

Timings for DAE Library 09am to 5pm
Total Books 25,220
Books For DAE
Subject No. Of Books
Books for DAE (Electronics) 3276
Books for DAE (Electrical) 982
Books for DAE (Bio-Medical) 177
Books for DAE (CIT) 4738
Books for Basic Sciences) 1166
General /Reference Books 944
Practical Note Books for DAE 220
TOTAL 11503

Magazine For DAE library:

1.Global Science
3.Engineering Review


1. Librarian DAE/BS(CS)
2. Asst. Librarian DAE/BS(CS)
3. Cataloger DAE/BS(CS)
4. Library Asst Morning Shift
5.Counter Clerk Evening Shift


(A) Books for BS (CS): 10,290
(i) Books for Book Bank 7,636
(ii) Text Books 1,714
(iii) Reference Books 940
(iv) Books for Bio-Informatics 177

Magazine For DAE library:

2.Industrial & Engineering Reviewt


1.Library Asst
2.Library Asst
3.Counter Clerk